Combined printed matter refers to a production line composed of various types of printing and post-press processing units. In combination printing, flexo printing, silk printing, relief printing, offset printing, gravure printing, hot stamping, cold stamping, and indentation can be used in combination. The most common combination printing units usually include screen printing, flexo printing, relief printing, and hot stamping.

The reason for using various printed materials and post-press processing techniques in the same printing process is very simple, because each printing process has its own inherent strengths and weaknesses. For example: silk screen can deposit a thick layer of ink, which is known for its excellent hiding power. It is mainly used to print a layer of opaque white on the printing material, like the "NO-LOOK" sign. The color of silk screen is suitable for printing thick and thick patterns and text. On the one hand, compared with several other printing processes, the printing speed of silk screen is the slowest one.

Both offset printing and relief printing have good graphic clarity and high printing speed, but their purchase cost is high, but they lack sufficient hiding power compared with screen printing.

The hiding power of flexo printing is worse than silk screen printing, but it is higher than offset printing and relief printing. The printing speed and clarity of flexo printing are stronger than silk printing, but it is slightly worse than offset printing and relief printing. Look, it's right between the low-end screen printing and the high-end embossing and offset printing.

These types of processes have their inherent limitations when used alone. If you choose their best characteristics and combine them with each other to form a narrow web production line, you can get the best efficiency for users. The best image clarity provides multiple options.

The number of signs printed by the combined printing process is rising rapidly. There are two fundamental factors.

First, the end users are constantly looking for some printing and decoration methods that can make their products more competitive on the shelves of supermarkets, and the difference is precisely this new concept of decoration that promotes the continuous innovation of technology. Driven by this innovative concept, the market is optimistic about the combined printing process, especially the flexo and screen printing processes that use UV-curable inks.

Second, due to the improvement of the performance of printing presses, inks, printing materials and other auxiliary materials, the combined printing process has been rapidly promoted and relied on. Various small and medium-sized enterprises in the printing industry. It is no longer limited to processing in a few large-scale printing factories, thus opening up a wider application field.


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