First, the preparation of homogenization medium: generally use pH 7.4, 0.01mol / L Tris-HCl, 1mmol / L EDTA-2Na, 0.01mol / L sucrose, 0.8% sodium chloride solution or directly with 0.86% physiological saline as a uniform Slurry medium. Second, the preparation of tissue homogenate 1, take the tissue block (0.1g ~ 0.2g) at least 2 ~ 5mg rinse in ice cold saline, remove the blood, filter paper dried, accurately weighed, put 5ml homogenate In the tube. 2, according to the weight (g): volume (ml) = 1:9 ratio of 9 times the volume of homogenization medium (pH 7.4, 0.01mol / L Tris-HCl, 1mmol / L EDTA-2Na, 0.01mol / L The sucrose, 0.8% sodium chloride solution or 0.86% physiological saline was placed in the homogenate tube, and the tissue block was cut as soon as possible with an ophthalmic small scissors. 3, there are a variety of ways of homogenization: manual homogenization, machine homogenization, ultrasonic pulverization. 1 Manual homogenization: insert the lower end into the vessel containing the mixture of ice and water, and insert the mast into the casing vertically with the right hand. Rotate up and down for dozens of times (6-8 minutes), fully grind and make. Into 10% homogenate. 2 Machine homogenization: 10% tissue homogenate is prepared by grinding the tissue masher 10000~15000 rpm, or it can be prepared by the internal cutting homogenizer (homogenization time 10 sec/time, gap 30 sec, continuous) 3 to 5 times, in ice water), skin, muscle tissue, etc. can extend the homogenization time. 3 ultrasonic pulverization: pulverization with ultrasonic pulverizer, sonicep150 type ultrasonic generator can be used to ultrasonically process the amplitude of 14 micron for 30 seconds to break the cells. It can also be used with domestic ultrasonic generator, with 400 amps, 5 seconds/time, and gap 10 seconds. ~5 times. Microscopic examination: Take a small amount of tissue homogenate for smear (direct smear, staining can be), observe whether the cells are broken under the Microscope, if not, can extend the homogenization time. 4. Prepare the prepared 10% homogenate by using a common centrifuge or a low-temperature low-speed centrifuge at 2,500 rpm, centrifuge for 10 to 15 minutes, and take the supernatant for determination. 3. Sample storage: Animal tissue samples are not measured temporarily. It can be frozen at low temperature immediately. The lower the temperature, the better. If it is not frozen or thawed in the middle, it can be stored for three months below -20 °C, and can be stored for six months below -70 °C. The prepared homogenate is not recommended to be frozen. It is best to measure it on the same day. If the time is too long, the enzyme activity will decrease. Some indicators can be stored for 4 to 5 days at 4 °C (such as SOD for 2 to 3 days, MDA) Can store 3 to 5, total protein can be stored for 5 to 7 days, etc.) Latest product: bs-0646R CD34 antibody|CD34bs-1100R CD36 antibody|CD36bs-7087R Apoptosis-enhancing domain protein 6 antibody|CARD6bs-7090R Domain Protein 17 Antibody | CARD17bs-7085R Apoptosis-enhancing Domain Protein 4 Antibody | CARD4bs-15192R Chromosome 4 Open Reading Block 34 Antibody | C4orf34 bs-9080R Casein Kinase 1γ3/CKI γ3 Antibody | CKI gamma 3bs-7089R Apoptosis Enhanced Domain Protein 9 Antibody | CARD9bs-13920R Cholesterol Oxidase Antibody | Cholesterol Oxidasebs-6859R Cystatin Protein 14 Antibody | Caspase 14bs-6860R Cysteine ​​Proteinase 5 Antibody | Caspase 5bs-10045R Swine Fever Antibody | CSFVbs-10045M Swine Fever Virus Antibody | CSFVbs-12120R Chromogranin C Antibody | Chromogranin C/Sg IIbs-12111R Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor α10/AChRα10 Antibody | CHRNA10bs-12112R Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor α6/AChRα6 Antibody | CHRNA6b s-12113R nicotinic acetylcholine receptor α9/AChRα9 antibody|CHRNA9bs-12114R nicotinic acetylcholine receptor δ/AChRδ antibody|CHRNDbs-7088R Antibody|CARD7bs-6857R β-coating protein antibody|beta COPbs-6858R cysteinase 4/11 antibody|Caspase 4+Caspase 11bs-9220R chromosome 1 open reading frame 187 antibody|C1orf187bs-15334R chromosome 9 open reading frame 61 Antibody|C9orf61bs-6315R C-Termin Binding Protein 2 Antibody|CTBP2bs-15123R Chromosome 21 open reading frame 13 antibody|C21ORF13bs-6799R guanin 3 antibody|Coronin 3bs-9739R cyclin N-terminal domain protein 1 antibody|CNTDbs- 6480R Cholesterol 25 Hydroxylase Antibody|CH25Hbs-6368R Aspartate-Caspase Specific Protease Family Antibody|Caspase-1 p20bs-12164R Calcium Nutritional Protein 1 / Calcium Binding Protein 8 Antibody | Calneuron 1bs-12160R Calcium Binding Protein 5 /3 antibody|CABP5bs-10125R CD98 light chain antibody|SLC7A5bs-10104R panto-lipase antibody|CLPSbs-9837R Chromosome 17 open reading frame 104 antibody|C17orf104bs-12145R Cain and amphetamine regulated transcription eggs White antibody|CARTbs-1290R caspase-rich heparin-binding protein 61 antibody|CCN1bs-15156R Chromosome 2 open reading frame 65 antibody|C2orf65bs-7658R β-catenin-like protein 1 antibody|CTNNBL1bs-6795R cation transport regulatory protein 1 antibody |CHAC1bs-7649R DNA cleavage factor-like protein A antibody|CIDE Abs-7650R DNA cleavage factor-like protein B antibody|CIDE Bbs-6797R cisplatin-related protein 9 antibody|CRR9bs-15139R Chromosome 22 open reading frame 40 antibody |C22orf40bs-1762R eosinophil chemoattractant protein 3 antibody|CCL26bs-15124R Chromosome 21 open reading frame 33 antibody|C21orf33bs-1772R cytokeratin 15 antibody|CK15bs-1792R cytokeratin 14 antibody|CK14+17+42+ 10bs-1797R nerve cell NB3 specific protein antibody|Contactin 6bs-1777R gastrin receptor antibody|CCKBRbsm-2117M cocaine monoclonal antibody|Cocaine(C2F1)bs-15159R chromosome 2 open reading frame 72 antibody|C2orf72bs-1821R Intercellular adhesion molecule 3 antibody|ICAM3bs-3500R chromatin binding protein Cbx8 antibody|Cbx8bs-2174R calcitonin antibody|Calcitoninbs-1860R calcitonin gene-related peptide type 1 receptor antibody|CRLRbs-4755R CD 19 antibody|CD19bs-4787R phosphorylated CD19 antibody|phospho-CD19(Ser227)bs-1666R lymphocyte chemokine CCL21 antibody|CCL21bs-1671R cell surface chemokine receptor 2A antibody|CCR-2Abs-1667R cell surface chemotaxis Factor receptor 2B antibody | CCR-2Bbs-1629R cell surface chemokine receptor 2 antibody | CXCR2bs-2402R metal peptide end chain antibody | CD10bs-1589R calcium mediator antibody | Caldesmonbs-1542R cell surface chemokine receptor 6抗体|CCR6bs-2453R thymogenesis-regulated chemokine antibody|ABCD2bs-0084M cytase-6 antibody (N-terminal)|Caspase-6 (NT)bs-1579R CSMD1 antibody|CSMD1bs-1038R nicotinic acetylcholine Receptor α4 antibody|CHRNA4bs-1788R Cell surface chemokine receptor 9 antibody | CCR9bs-3598R Cell surface chemokine receptor 5 antibody | CXCR5bs-3595R Cystatin C / cystatin C antibody | Cystatin Cbs-0697R C-phycocyanin/phycocyanin/phycocyanin antibody|c-phycocyaninbs-1606R cytochrome P450 1A1 antibody|CYP1A1/AHRRbs-1607R silk/threonine protein kinase II alpha antibody|CK II alphabs-15157R Chromosome 2 open reading frame 66 antibody | C2orf66 bs-061 4R CULLIN antibody | Cullinbs-0313R calf thymus DNA antibody | calf thymus DNAbs-15060R chromosome 1 open reading frame 226 antibody | C1orf226bs-1508R cathepsin L antibody | Cathepsin Lbs-2937R silk / threonine protein kinase II beta antibody ( Casein kinase IIβ)|CK II betabs-2043R cytokeratin 18 antibody | CK18bs-6067R TGFβ1 binding protein antibody | CD109bs-15141R Chromosome 22 open reading frame 45 antibody | C22orf45bs-15136R Chromosome 22 open reading frame 32 antibody |C22orf32bs-2487R CD5L antibody|CD5Lbs-2488R CD6 antibody|CD6bs-2489R CD9 protein antibody|CD9bs-2490R CD23/ FcεRII antibody|CD23bs-2491R CD27 antibody|CD27

Plastic Slide Box

Plastic microscope slide boxes and plastic dry plates are made by high quality ABS material, and Plastic Slide mailers are made by high quality PP material Suitable for placing or transferring slides.
* Accommodates standard microscope slides in dimensions of 25.0mmx75.0mm
* Excellent design, prevent microscope slide damage and pollution
* An index card mounted inside the lids allows for sample specimen identification
* Available in 100-place with metal buckle design, which ensure the sealing and effectively prevent the dust, preserve and protect the specimen for a long time
* Different colors to choose, can be better to manage the sample

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