Delayed Remarks 6 sets of 02260mm gas generators in the gasification section of Zhisheng Chemical Co., Ltd. Synthetic Ammonia Plant are equipped with hydraulic drive grate machines. See the transmission mechanism. The equipment parameters are shown in Table 1. The oil pressure generated by the oil station pushes the cylinder piston to do Reciprocating left and right, the transmission rod transmits motion to the pawl, and the pawl intermittently drives the ratchet wheel and the ash tray furnace fixed thereon to rotate the slag discharge slag. The reciprocating motion return of the hydraulic cylinder makes the operation of the grate machine long, and the delay adjustment and the unbalanced movement both destroy the gasification layer and the furnace condition, and the gas generation and gas consumption capacity and consumption level are difficult to optimize. The author has improved this.

1 The operation of the existing hydraulic grate machine The actual operation and the idle time of the hydraulic grate machine are shown in Table 2. According to the parameters of Table 2, the average working time of the working stroke is 223s. When the delay is not considered, the average time of the idle time is 18.5s. The operating balance rate of the grate machine is 547%. Table 1 The main equipment parameters of the grate machine parts Name specification Model technical parameters Table 2 The operation time of the grate machine and the cylinder pressure furnace number and the cylinder working empty-hand working empty-travel stroke (intermittent) stroke (Intermittent) 1 furnace front left cylinder rear left cylinder 2 furnace front left cylinder rear left cylinder 3 furnace front left cylinder rear left cylinder 4 furnace front left cylinder rear left cylinder 5 furnace front left cylinder rear left cylinder 6 furnace front left cylinder rear left Cylinder running time / s cylinder pressure / MPa with different furnace statistics from time: production car in 1998 to determine July 30 50180 2 transformation program according to the hydraulic system kinematics principle, piston movement speed and piston area is inversely proportional, and based on The optimization design of the cylinder and transmission system is changed from the cylinder to the differential cylinder, and the parameter map of the modified cylinder is set. In the actual configuration, the interface b is connected to the interface a in the branch mode and a model is installed as CIT-03 ※ -50/5080 oil return check valve as shown During installation, the V2 chamber is filled with oil, so that it is compressed and discharged from the check valve during the working stroke. The remaining residual oil and the oil leaking from the piston during operation are used for lubrication. When the internal leakage is large, the check valve can be used again. Discharge to ensure that the oil system is relatively closed and clean.

The actual piston force during the idle time is: design oil pressure when designing the oil pressure p in the double cylinder operation p): f' adjust the oil pressure relief pressure of the grate machine to 40 MPa. If the check valve leaks, the oil can be shorted. For the machine, close the check valve before the check valve, or cancel the check valve to set the static pressure buffer ().

22 Cancel the delay to realize the basic operation of the grate machine after the basic balance operation, and finally change the movement speed of the cylinder piston for the stepless change of the pump oil flow, and create the conditions for canceling the delay. To take the following corresponding measures: the wheel pump, the pump oil quantity is 25.36mL / i, discharge pressure p < 6.3MPa. For the drive motor configuration inverter to stepless speed regulation.

C. Install an electrical contact pressure gauge at the a and c interfaces to cancel the unreliable travel switch and set the signal pressure value before the switch is cancelled.

3 Conclusion The implementation of the gas generator is in good condition. After the transformation, the actual running time of the hydraulic grate machine is 80s for working stroke and 15s for idle (return), and the delay is cancelled. The operation rate is 842%, which improves the balance of the operation of the grate machine and meets the production needs. Integrating other projects implemented simultaneously with the project, such as automatic coke extraction and waste heat recovery, the data of April 1998 and April 2000 will increase the gas generating capacity of the gasifier from 6800m3/h (standard) to 7500m3/h. ), the same four furnace ammonia production increased from 5757t / month to 6 842t / month, the direct economic benefits are extremely obvious.

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