Is the emerging outdoor sports industry really worth investing in business?
Date: 2016-03-10 13:49

In our country, outdoor is still a new sport. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the pursuit of spiritual and cultural life, outdoor sports have gradually demonstrated its unique market prospects and huge economic value. Thus, a number of outdoor supply stores also emerged on demand, forming a new market consumption point.

With a market potential of RMB 120 billion, annual sales of RMB 2 billion, and participation of 100 million people, outdoor sports have quietly become a new industry. Do not watch the mountains and rivers, do not look at the places of interest, back tents and bags, play a return to natural outdoor sports, and now has become more and more knowledgeable people's choice.

Outdoor sports gradually become sports fashion in the country, which also bred unlimited business opportunities. But only those who are good at capturing opportunities and dare to innovate can gain something.

Thus, opening an outdoor shop became a necessity.趁 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内 国内. In view of this, in Kunshan Jishide Outdoor Products Co., Ltd., China's outdoor product store business has the following advantages:

1. One of the advantages of entrepreneurship: Large market space

According to a survey by the famous tourism website, the number of tourists in China is growing at a rate of 26% per year, and the fastest-growing one is the 2040-year-old backpacker. The demand for tourism products is increasing by 17% annually. Compared with the scale of the global outdoor sports industry, which has an annual turnover of more than US$15 billion, China’s related industries are still in a stage of development and the market has a relatively large space for development.

2. The second advantage of entrepreneurship: good investment returns

It is understood that professional equipment is currently one of the main expenses of outdoor sports, some mountaineering; enthusiasts; equipment in more than 10,000 yuan, even if the equipment is medium and low gear also more than 2,000 yuan. In addition, the outdoor travel supplies have a high susceptibility to consumption, and customers need to purchase multiple times. Therefore, the profits of outdoor tourism products are relatively high, but the investment is not large, generally about 102,000 yuan, of which; bulk; part of the store rental and first-time home payment, the monthly operating costs after opening about 5000 Yuan around.

3. Entrepreneurial Advantage III: Entry barriers are not high

Open outdoor travel supply stores, there is no great professional requirements for entrepreneurs, as long as they love to travel, like to make friends, but also good at communication, we can open welcome. In order to open such a store, the requirements of the store are not high, and it is not necessary to choose those areas that are expensive to rent or downtown, and the area of ​​the store is not too large. Most of the customers in the outdoor travel supply stores are young people. Therefore, they can choose to have a place near the colleges and universities for the first time. In terms of advertising, it is also very labor-saving. Self-help travel, especially in the wild, is a fashion pursued by young people in urban areas. Although it has just begun to emerge in China, the popularity has increased. Therefore, opening an outdoor travel shop is to cater to the consumption trends of these young people. As long as the goods are featured and activities are lively, they can attract customers without investing too much in advertising costs.

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