First, the production specifications, technical requirements, marking requirements and inspection rules for construction helmets generally refer to the latest national standard GB2811-2007 . This standard specifies the physical performance requirements, technical performance requirements, inspection rules, management, marking and packaging of construction helmets used in industry. It is suitable for helmets commonly used in the industry, and other special features added are only applicable to the corresponding special places.

Features : light weight, high strength, hat 檐 design drip sink, without any metal, good insulation, toughness, comfort, safety, beauty, smooth, and economical. The helmet produced by the new raw material die-casting conforms to China GB2811-2007

Uses : construction, construction, engineering, railway, transportation, electricity, mining, metallurgy, petroleum, shipping and other industries

Spacing: Provides a buffer space when there is lateral force in the impact. It is also a heat dissipation channel.

Basic Features

1. Lightweight low-risk helmet with good air permeability ;

2 , good ventilation, lightweight, to provide the wearer with comprehensive comfort ;

3 , the protective role of the helmet

4. When the operator's head is subjected to falling objects, use the helmet cap and the cap lining to decompose the impact force to the whole moment, and then use the buffer structure of each part of the helmet and allow the structural damage to be large. Part of the impact force is absorbed, so that the impact force finally applied to the head of the person is reduced to below 4900 N , thereby functioning as a worker's head. The cap of the helmet comes against the overall impact of the helmet.

Structural function

1. Cap: Withstand the blow, so that the falling object is separated from the human body.

2 , cap: keep a fixed position on the head.

3 , top belt: disperse the impact force, keep the shell floating, in order to disperse the impact force.

4 , the rear hoop: the locking device of the headband.

5 , squat belt: assist in maintaining the state and position of the helmet.

6 , sweat band: absorb sweat.

7. Cushion: When it occurs, reduce the impact force.

8. Vertical spacing: reflects the gap between the inside of the cap and the top of the head. If it is too small, the ventilation will be poor. If it is too large, the center of gravity of the cap will rise, causing the helmet to be unstable on the head.

9. Horizontal spacing: Provides buffer space when there is lateral force in the impact. It is also a heat dissipation channel.

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