Living room sofa, air conditioner, bedroom mattress, wardrobe, bathroom toilet, bathtub, kitchen refrigerator, cooker hood, dining room table, dining chair... The furniture and household appliances commonly used in the home are counted down and found to be really A lot of it! So how should these items be cleaned and maintained to ensure their normal use? Let's take a look at the family.

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The most complete furniture appliance cleaning and maintenance living room in history


Fabric sofa

Oil stain

After the cloth sofa is purchased, it is best to spray a cloth cleaning agent first to prevent the adsorption of dirty oil and water. For example, the ketone ketone spray on the market has a dustproof effect and can be sprayed once a month.

Dust removal

Fabric fibers tend to retain dust and dirt. First use a dry towel to pat, remove the dust, and then wipe the cloth with a wet towel. If there is a vacuum cleaner, the dust removal effect will be better, but do not use a suction brush to prevent damage to the thread on the woven fabric. Avoid excessive suction, otherwise the thread may be torn off. The vacuum cleaner can be fitted with a flat suction head to adjust the suction force to medium strength to remove dust from the slits of the sofa. Either way, the armrests, cushions and gaps of the sofa are the areas that need to be cleaned.

Wear protection

In order to extend the life of the fabric, the sofa cushion can be turned over and turned over once a week to evenly distribute the wear, or use a shield or a draw head pad to reduce direct friction and stain on the fabric. At the same time, the fabric sofa should be used for a long time and should be removed with small scissors. If the loose thread is found, it should not be broken by hand. Use scissors to cut it flat.

Sun protection

The fabric should be protected from direct sunlight for a long time to prevent the color from subsiding and the fabric elasticity is weakened.

Careful ironing

When ironing, it should be noted that some elastic sheaths are easy to dry and iron-free. Even if you want to iron, you should consider the appearance of the fabric.

Dry cleaning

If stains are present, the velvet sofa should not be stained with water and a dry cleaning agent should be used. If the fabric sofa is smudged, use a special cleaning agent for the sofa or carpet. Use a clean white cloth to remove a small amount of medicine and wipe it repeatedly in the dirty area until the stain is removed. To avoid leaving a mark, it is best to smear from the periphery of the stain. Do not scrub with plenty of water to prevent water from seeping into the inner layer of the sofa, causing the frame inside the sofa to be damp and deformed, and it is easy to breed mold. At the same time, if you want to keep the fabric sofa clean, you should avoid wearing sweat, water stains and mud on the furniture to ensure the service life of the sofa.

2. Plush sofa

Use a brush to dilute the diluted alcohol and brush it again, then blow it off with a hair dryer. If it is contaminated with juice, mix it with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and water, then wipe it with a cloth. The stain will be reduced.

If it drops into the dirty thing, it should be cleaned immediately, so as not to drag it for a long time, the stain is not easy to remove. When the rainy season comes and the humidity is heavier, you can put a few newspapers under the sofa chair and change it at least once a week to ensure the drying of the sofa and avoid the growth of the mother.

3. Leather sofa

Pay attention to the cleanliness of the leather sofa. When cleaning normally, it is best to use a cotton cloth dampened and wipe gently, wipe the dust clean, then dilute with the collar clean and add 95% water, soak the clean soft cloth and wring it out, light in the dirty place. Wipe it lightly.

If it is leather, the cleaning solution is more demanding. It is best to use a special leather cleaning solution. Soak a 1:10 leather special cleaning solution or a 1:20 shampoo solution and wring the stain gently. Finally wipe again with a clean cotton cloth. For cleaning the sofa, avoid using alcoholic and corrosive chemical solutions.

Hand cream is used to care for the skin of the hands. The expired hand cream can also make skin care for the leather sofa at home, which can moisturize the sofa leather. In addition, hand cream can also wipe off the stain on the sofa surface. However, you need to be reminded that before using the hand cream to clean and maintain the leather sofa, be sure to use a rag to remove the floating dust on the sofa surface.

When the leather sofa is seriously polluted, not only will the original luster be lost, but the dirt will penetrate into the pores of the leather. Always clean these dirt before cleaning in the previous step. At this time, a special steam engine for cleaning the sofa and a special cleaning agent may be required.

If the sofa is glued with glue such as chewing gum, use a special coagulant for leather to cure it, then wipe it off with a fine silk cloth.

If the sofa is accidentally painted with a ballpoint pen or ink mark, use a softer rubber eraser. To prevent discoloration, a few drops of water can be applied to the stain.

After cleaning, a protective liquid should be applied to the sofa to prevent the dirt from penetrating into the pores of the cortex again causing secondary pollution. It is best to use a soft liquid wax for the protective liquid, otherwise the cortex will harden and age quickly.

4. Rattan sofa

Avoid direct sunlight

Long-term sun exposure will cause the rattan sofa to lose moisture, dry out, loosen or even disengage. It will be yellowish on the color and become obsolete. Therefore, in the summer or in the hot season, the curtains of the balcony must be pulled up to separate the sunlight. If you feel the atmosphere is dull, you can install two layers of curtains with a tulle layer, so that you can separate the sun and the light.

Keep away from heat

The winter heater is a large nemesis of the rattan sofa. It is often close to the high temperature heat source, which is the same as the sun exposure, so be sure to keep the rattan sofa away from these heat sources. If it is unavoidable, put a thermal pad.

Keep ventilation and avoid moisture

Pure natural substances naturally have the purest characteristics of plants and absorb water. If the home is wet for a long time, the moisture in the air will make the rattan sofa soft, easy to deform, and mildew. Therefore, be sure to always ventilate and keep your home dry. If you encounter the rainy weather in the south, Xiao Bian suggests that you may wish to buy a moisture absorber and try it.

Insect and dust removal

The most feared plants are insects, and the rattan-woven sofa also makes it easy to store dust and is difficult to clean, so we must pay special attention when using it. You may wish to try to wipe the rattan sofa with light salt water, which can not only decontaminate, but also keep its flexibility for a long time, and it can prevent fragility and insects. The dust between the gaps can be cleaned with a paint brush or a vacuum cleaner. Do not wipe with a detergent or solvent that damages the surface of the rattan sofa, or wash it directly with water.

The most complete furniture appliance cleaning and maintenance coffee table in history

Stay away from the sun

The position of the coffee table is best to avoid the direct sunlight of the window. The coffee table will be exposed to the sun for a long time, which will make the white paint yellow, the coloring paint fade, the metal parts appear oxidized and deteriorate, and the material of the material will be brittle. If you can't remove the sun, you can use curtains or blinds to protect the coffee table.

Clean dust: It is best to use pure cotton knitwear as a rag, and a soft wool brush to remove dust from the dents or embossed patterns. After the paint treatment, avoid using alcohol, gasoline and other solvents to wipe the stains. Use colorless furniture to polish the wax, spread it thinly, and dry it with cotton cloth to reduce dust and enhance gloss.

Ground leveling

The floor on which the coffee table is placed must be kept flat, and the four legs should be placed on the ground in a stable and stable manner. If the coffee table is placed, it will be in a state of constant shaking and unstable. The hoe or fastener will be loosened and the bonded part will be cracked. Of course, it will also affect the service life of the coffee table. At the same time, it is not appropriate for the ground part to be soft. Some people are accustomed to using wooden boards and iron sheets under one leg of a coffee table to correct the unevenness of the ground and to obtain a stable coffee table. This is not a good practice. If the pad moves slightly, it will also make the coffee table unstable. Even if it is leveled, the internal structure of the coffee table will be affected by the uneven force. The solution is to modify the ground, or use a large area of ​​hard plastic plate to achieve the purpose of flattening the four legs of the coffee table.

Smudge removal

Pure white paint coffee table, when the yellowing appears for a long time, you can use a pure white gauze knit cotton sand cloth to gently wipe a little toothpaste, then use a damp cloth to remove the toothpaste residue, and then dry it with a dry cloth, the yellowing phenomenon can be greatly improved.

Painted coffee table, often put directly on the boiling water cup, hot soup bowl, white gray hot marks appear, affecting the appearance, you can use a fine cloth with a little tea or toilet water, and a little alcohol, gently wipe, you can remove, then Wipe dry with a cloth. Accidental scratches on the surface of the furniture, peeling off the paint film, use a color pen, slightly repair the color of the furniture, and then apply a thin layer of colorless transparent nail polish. It can also be repaired with the paint used in the original coffee table. After the furniture is dripped, it will not be wiped off in time. After drying, the water will be left behind. You can cover it with a slightly thick wet cloth and gently press it with a heated iron. The trace of water can be eliminated.

Avoid getting wet

The indoor humidity should be protected within the normal value. When using the humidifier, only in the low humidity drying season, but should be away from the coffee table spray, the moisture will make the wood decay, the metal parts will be rusted, the bonding part will be easy to open the glue, the chrome-plated original Produce release film, etc. When cleaning up during the holiday season, avoid using alkaline water to clean the coffee table. Wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not use running water to rinse it.

TV set

1. Do not cover the TV with plastic cloth, cloth cover, etc., do not pad foam at the bottom, so as not to affect the ventilation and heat dissipation.

2. Do not wipe the TV casing with volatile oil, thinner, etc., first dilute the neutral detergent with water, soak the soft cloth in the detergent, then wring the cloth dry and wipe the case, then dry it with a dry cloth.

3, please turn off the TV before cleaning, prepare a soft cotton cloth or glasses cloth, you can lick the water (alcohol, washing spirit and other corrosive liquids, please do not use, the liquid crystal screen special cleaning liquid on the market, please use caution), the amount of water should not be too More (a small amount can be) to avoid water flowing down. Do not rub back and forth in one place during the wiping process. This may cause screen indentation or damage. You can wipe it from left to right and top to bottom. Wipe it with a damp cloth and then wipe it with a dry cloth. .

4. Magnetic objects cannot be placed on or near the color TV. Do not move the recorder, speakers and other magnetic objects in front of the screen. Otherwise, the components of the picture tube are magnetized due to the influence of the magnetic field, causing color turbulence.

5. The screen of the large-screen color TV should be placed south or north, so that the direction of the earth's magnetic field is consistent with the direction of the electron beam in the picture tube, preventing the geomagnetism from affecting the color purity.

6, watching TV in summer should not be too long, generally not more than 3 hours. Do not turn the TV set back from the outside in winter, it should be placed for about 2 hours, so that the machine temperature and room temperature are consistent before use.

7. Pay attention to the matching between the antenna and the large-screen color TV. The feeder has 75 ohms and 300 ohms. It should be configured as required. Adjust the antenna direction or change the position of the TV when there is ghosting.

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