Miller Brewer's flask packaging uses a variety of pressure-sensitive label technology, the new beer bottle features a limited sale of luminous labels. The label is printed with UV-sensitive ink that shines under ultraviolet light in darkened bars and nightclubs to attract consumers' attention. The front label is 2 μm thick biaxial polypropylene with sensitized emulsion on the 1 μm thick PET (polyethylene terephthalate) edge. The label on the back is a double-layer white BOPP and a UV two-color flexo-printed bottom layer plus a layer of cationic varnish (the varnish releases an acid when exposed to UV light, thus eliminating UV light). The surface layer is also UV two-color flexo plus varnish.

Source: Guangdong Packaging

If you`re making fresh craft cocktails, you`ll likely want to include some freshly squeezed juice in your recipes. As a bartender, a juicer, also known as a Lemon Squeezer, Citrus Squeezer, or Mexican juicer, uses a levered design with a hinged bowl and handles to effortlessly extract fruit juice. It`s also fairly easy to store and clean.

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Lemon Squeezer

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