Shanghai Peixin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in heat-shrinkable film products. It owns multiple automatic gravure printing machines, automatic color registration and automatic projection equipment. It is the only printer capable of printing 12-color shrink labels in China. the company.


Can be fully connected with the production line operations.
The alternative material storage method using double feeds can shorten the time for replenishing membranes and enhance the convenience of operations.
The use of protective cover with human-machine interface control system makes the whole machine more humanized and easier to operate.
Using wall-mounted color man-machine interface + button control, the whole machine action control is simple.
The unique cutter seat design eliminates the need for cutter holders within the specifications. If you need to change the specifications, you can complete it quickly and quickly in 3 minutes.
Replacement specifications are quick and easy, requiring only simple adjustments.
Forced labeling features are economical and save money. Film thickness can be 0.035mm.
Square bottles and round bottles are replaced, requiring only a simple adjustment.
The integral transmission mechanism can be adjusted in conjunction to suit various different label specifications.
Membrane paper tube diameter range of 5 "~ 10", can be adjusted without paragraph.
The host can be tilted. For the straight bottle type without mouth, it is easy to insert the film.
Different from traditional manipulation, it is transmitted by the chipset to increase its accuracy and speed.

Soft and water-proof, shock-proof Neoprene Case to store and carry you macbook, laptop and tablets, ipad other digital gagdets. Fabric include lycra, jersery, polyster, nylon, linine including velvet, polyster, lycra, or other thick padding for anit-shock protection. Toprealcase is dedicated to design and manufacture the best neoprene case,

  • Superior Protection: Premium thick and water-resistant neoprene material offers a ultra slim lightweight design and superior protection to protect laptop/notebook from dust, shocks, bumps, scratches, scuffs and spills. (Thickness: 0.25 inch/0.6 cm)
  • Ultra-slim & Lightweight: Easily sliding into your briefcase, backpack or other luggage bags, which make it so convenient for daily use and traveling wherever you go.
  • Convenient Use: Quick top-loading zipper on the bag glides smoothly, allowing for an easy and convenient access to your laptop computer.

Neoprene Case

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