First, the application of digital proofing in newspaper printing:

The printing of traditional newspapers is done by various editorial departments. However, with the colorization of newspapers and the development of newspaper advertising, newspaper proofing has become more and more important. However, traditional proofing is difficult to meet the needs of newspaper proofing in terms of time and technology. Digital proofing today solves this problem. Newspaper digital proofing not only provides users and producers with proofs of exchange of contract information, but more importantly, it improves the quality of the entire newspaper and establishes data-based process control solutions.

1. The main features of the newspaper proofing system

The basic characteristics of newspaper printing are timeliness and accuracy. Therefore, the proofing system of newspapers also requires features such as accuracy and high efficiency. The accuracy and efficiency of newspaper proofing can start from shortening the working time of a single work flow and the productivity of mass production. The steps to complete a single workflow are as follows:

Because the process of printing PS and RIP interpretation is the same, the digital proofing individual workflow only needs to examine the digital proofing software processing time and printing time. For mass production efficiency, the data interface and work process support for the overall work efficiency of the proofing system must be examined.

Violet Report Color Digital Proofing System is a set of system solutions designed specifically for domestic newspaper industry production requirements. At present, the actual application of China Youth Daily, Beijing Daily Newspaper Group, China Daily, and Liberation Daily Newspaper Group confirms that it takes only two minutes to process the open format from software to proofing, and can support multiple printers and systems at the same time. The overall efficiency is high.

Current proofing of newspapers usually needs to be carried out in the newspaper advertising department or the newspaper output printing department. The large newspaper industry group is extremely concerned about how to solve the needs of different departments in different stages of the proofing process and ensure the overall management of the system. The use of multiple cross-platform clients provided free of charge by the Violet report color proofing system can fully establish the overall management of the network proofing system, facilitate the proofing requirements of multiple departments, and directly use reel newsprint proofing to the maximum extent. Adapt to the process characteristics of newspaper printing.

2, the color proofing program of newspaper digital proofing

At present, there are two main methods for color control of digital proofing in newspapers. One is to use the ICC control method and the other is to use the density control method. According to the actual application, ICC method is more suitable for proofing the coated paper, and newsprinting is more suitable for density control. Newspaper printing adopts newsprint printing on the rotary machine. Density control of each ink zone and the balance between ink and ink are quite different from ordinary offset printing. Many factors, such as the uniformity of the left and right densities, the influence of the news paper on the spectrophotometer test, etc., have affected the work of the ICC profile. Secondly, using a high-speed rotary press to achieve a stable state of the printed IT8 sample requires too much overhead. It is relatively simpler to use the density method for debugging. The digital sample body uses newsprint proofing, so if ICC is adopted, the control effect on the amount of ink and the tone level is very difficult.

Therefore, if a newspaper office needs the proofing requirements for both coated paper and newsprint, different debugging methods can be used for different applications. Ziguang report color digital proofing system combines the characteristics of the newspaper printing process itself and can provide a complete digital proofing and color control scheme for the printing process.

3, the practical significance and prospect of newspaper proofing

The newspaper office has strict review procedures and mature technology before proofing. The adjustment of the state of control during the printing process control of newspapers must also meet the requirements for high-speed printing and pressing time. Digital proofing can be used to monitor the color of newspapers in the production line. Effects, inspection errors, and determination of the effect of printing color, so for the colorization of newspapers, digital proofing is the key to technology, and it has significant social and economic benefits for the improvement of newspaper quality.

Second, purple report color digital proofing system introduction:

1. Why does the newspaper industry need digital proofing?

* Reasonable, well-printed and beautifully printed newspapers are an important magic weapon for attracting readers and advertisements * Traditional offset printing can not meet the timeliness of newspapers and the particularity of newsprint web offset printing * CTP (computer-to-plate) is becoming more and more popular 2. Newsprint and thermosetting Paper True Digital Digital Proofing uses different RIPs. Even if digital proofing is perfect, it is difficult to guarantee that the actual plate-making of the newspaper will not cause any problems. The use of RIP data proofing can be 100% guaranteed to be consistent with the actual print. If there is no error after checking the purple paper color proofs, the data after the RIP can be directly used for hair piece or plate making.

* Digital proofs using FM technology are not as close to the actual print as real proof digital proofs. Can not check the network error, turtle text and hit the net.

* Newspapers are printed on newsprint, even if the deluxe version printed on coated paper is printed on a commercial rotary press, which is very different from offset printing. Sheet-fed offset printing looks very good. Ink-printing may print out on newsprint, especially in gradient, reverse, and dark tones. Therefore, it can be seen in advance on the actual newsprint proofs, will help improve the advertising or layout design, to achieve the best printing results.

3、What is purple color?

* Purple Reports is a set of newsprint and thermoset real-site digital proofing systems. It also provides screen real proof soft proofing and remote proofing.

* Technical Features - The fastest, most accurate newspaper proofing program. With the HP 1050C proofing, 45 large-sized proofs can be printed per hour. A one-page printing time for domestic newspapers is less than one minute.

– SNAP density and color correction. Only the purple report color can adjust the contraction and expansion ratio to best predict the expansion and loss of the dot on newsprint, and can adjust the local color in the layout separately, making the proof draft more close to the newspaper in-kind.

-100% copy original halftone dots of the original file, unlike other proofing schemes, first go to net and then add net.

– A PC equipped with a violet report color can drive up to 8 printers at the same time to print at full speed, while processing. Since the printing time is greater than the processing time, the processing time can be ignored for the subsequent workpieces except for the first one that requires care.

4, purple color principle of school color

* Purple Report Color adjusts the hue (hue), density, and dot expansion and contraction to calibrate colors.

* The expansion and contraction of printed plots is related to the pressure of printing inks, paper, temperature, humidity and printing presses.

* Ziguang Bao Cai directly controls the temperature of the print head blasting, and then controls the size of the ink drop to control the size of the dot expansion.

* The violet report color can truly show the moire and impact net that may appear on the printed matter.

* The above color correction method can calibrate the color more than the method of establishing the ICC profile to calibrate the color, which is consistent with the principle of controlling the color during actual printing.

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