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Pure Cotton Wet Wipes

Pure Wet Wipes is a one-time use of health supplies, previously used for such as civil aviation, hotels, restaurants,exhibitions and other business and reception sites, in recent years with the improvement of people's living standards, wet wipes personal consumption gradually increased, mainly used in travel , Tourism and other outdoor water is not convenient occasions, as well as home care and other care of infants and young children.

Wipe your face with wet wipes, wipe your hands, both hygienic and convenient. However, different damp products have different usages.


Purified Water, Glycerol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, 

Vitamin E Quaternary, Ammonium Salt, Citric Acid, Fragrance, 
    Cetylpyridinium chloride, Zephiran chloride, Propanedio 
    100% cotton spunlace non woven. 

pure cotton wet wipes

The features of pure cotton and alcohol free feminine  pure cotton wet wipes:

Only for properly maintained and code approved toilets, sewers and septic tanks. Cotton cloths leave you feeling fresh and clean any time of the month. Alcohol free, lightly fragranced, pure cotton and quick drying.

These pure cotton wet wipes contain Vitamin E. Mild and effective cleansing for your skin. Suitable for hands , face and body.


What is your Min. order quality?

A: One twenty-foot container, small quality available if has stock

Your supply ability?

A: 5,000,000 piece/pieces per week Sanitary Napkins in bulk

What is your neareast port?

A: Shenzhen

What is the payment terms you accepted?

A L/C, T/T, Western union, MoneyGram

Pure Cotton Wet Wipes

100 Cotton Wet Wipes,All Cotton Wet Wipes,Natural Cotton Wet Wipes,Natural Wet Wipes

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