The white, flawless and flawless skin is the dream of every bride and even the bride. In order to make our prospective bride appear in a better and better state, follow the two steps below to easily learn the natural nude bride makeup.

Step1 Lip concealing is very important

Natural nude bride makeup

People with dark lips can apply lip gloss on the lips with a lip concealer. Apply a layer of light to the skin. Apply too thick and easy to peel. After applying, you can choose your favorite lip gloss or lipstick. The color effect will be the same as the color of your choice of lipstick or lip gloss. Choose the color of the two blushes, one deep and one shallow. Light blush can be used as a shadow around the face.

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Natural nude bride makeup

Shows clear, translucent skin, giving you a bright, even look.

Step2 Eyes are clearer

Natural nude bride makeup

Asian eyelashes are not as long and curled as Westerners, so it takes a little more work on the eyelashes to make your eyes look brighter and more energetic. Use the eyelash curler or eyelash heater to slowly clip it from the root of the eyelash (hot), so that the eyelashes are curved upwards, and the average force can prevent the sharp edges and corners of the clipped eyelashes.

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Natural nude bride makeup

How to create a three-dimensional makeup can reduce the blush, two colors let you match with a good look at any time.

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