It is said that the year is in spring, and the whitening plan of the year is also in spring, but the complicated and cumbersome whitening procedure is that people always forget about the West and can’t figure out how to make it simple, fast and safe. Have you shown good skin color in the Year of the Dragon? Today, I will teach you four white tricks for lazy people, so that you can easily become white.

Easy whitening Whitening season 4 lazy whitening method

NO.1 milk + whitening essence

Maybe you used to use the big whitening mask, but found that it is only a few days of effect, then what is the skin, and the mask can only be on the cheeks, it will feel good after the application, but have you tried to make your own whitening? The mask, the effect is really good~


1. Go to the right amount of milk, the right amount of cotton pad, a bottle of whitening essence for your own.

2. Add 3 to 4 drops of the essence in the milk and mix well.

3. Take a cotton pad soaked in milk and apply it to the face, neck and back of the ear.

Everyone knows that milk is the sacred product of whitening, but to double the beauty of milk, it depends on this essence, and if you will be savvy, you will find that it is much better than buying expensive masks. The effect will not be much worse. It can also be used every day. This is a simple and cost-effective method. Don't try it, wait for regret.

Easy whitening Whitening season 4 lazy whitening method

NO.2 pearl powder + toner

Pearl powder, this Dongdong listens to the name to know that it is a good thing, the effect of whitening is super shocking; as for the toner is the first layer of skin care products to accompany the skin, what effect will these two combine? This can be tried to know.


1. Take a proper amount of delicate pearl powder and a whitening toner suitable for you.

2. After cleansing, place the pearl powder on the cotton pad and then apply a few drops of toner to the cotton pad.

3. Then, just like toner on weekdays, wipe evenly on your face.

How about it, this is very simple, it’s almost like peace, but this small step can make a big difference.

Fine pearl powder and moisturizing effect, I can't put it down.

Easy whitening Whitening season 4 lazy whitening method

NO.3 white sugar wash face

This is a super-favorite lazy whitening online, very suitable for you who want to whiten and lazy.


1. Choose a whitening cleanser that suits you, and apply a small amount of white sugar.

2. Cleans your face with cleansing milk according to the usual methods.

3. Take a proper amount of sugar, add a little bit of water, then wash it on your face for about a minute, rinse off with water.

This is a long-term adherence, and the method is simple, just add a small step in the usual cleansing care, and because sugar is beneficial to the healing of the wound, this small method also has a good effect on acne marks.

Easy whitening Whitening season 4 lazy whitening method

NO.4 Aspirin Mask Rapid Whitening

When I first heard this method, Xiao Bian was also very shocked, but still with a skeptical attitude, I personally tried it, it is quite unexpected, the skin is still really white, the speed is really amazing~ I really don't know Which netizen was the first to invent, awesome!


1. Take 5-6 tablets of aspirin and clear water.

2. Use a face to smash the pill stick into a very fine powder, then add a spoonful of water to harmonize, rub the surface with aspirin on a cotton pad, wait for 20-30 minutes and rinse off.


1. Aspirin tablets should be ground very fine, the finer the better, otherwise it will be painful to rub on the face.

2. In order to prevent allergies, before use, you can try to see if you can fit in the back of the ear.

3. After doing the aspirin mask, pay attention to moisturizing and use nourishing skin care products to achieve a better skin-beautifying effect.


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