Home and office feng shui is believed to have been a topic of concern to many netizens. In real life, do you have to buy some of these items to change your own style? Do you know which home feng shui products are necessary? When you choose, you can't be blind. You can avoid the feng shui products. Today, Xiaobian will tell you the most popular home feng shui products in 2012, and don't follow them together.

1, Feng Shui painting

Water represents wealth; when the landscape painting is set in the living room, it must be noted that the direction of the water flow in the painting cannot be toward the door and outside, and the direction of the water flow is preferably in the master bedroom or the house. Especially in the bedroom, don't put the paintings of "Wan Ma Pentium" and "Tiger Tiger Down the Mountain", otherwise it is easy to destroy the harmony between husband and wife.

2, gossip mirror

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The mirror's phlegm function is one-of-a-kind. Walking in the streets, it is easy to find the gossip mirror hanging on the eaves wall. There are three points to pay attention to when hanging the gossip mirror: 1. Hanging at 12 o'clock at noon; 2. Opening the light; 3. The direction of reflection should not be shot in other people's houses, and you should not turn your home's embarrassment to someone else's home.

3, Feng Shui貔貅

Including crickets, lions, deer, horses, dragons, unicorns, biting money, etc. are all lions and beasts that will be considered when changing feng shui. The heads of crickets, lions, unicorns, and bites of money must face the door, indicating that all the money and pluton will be attracted. However, the direction of the deer and the horse's running direction and the head must face the house, which means that the gods are entering the house. The picture on the right is the Feng Shui Rui Beast of the White Horse Temple Yu Fu Tang.

4, the picture of the god Buddha

The public will frame the pictures of the gods and Buddhas to worship and worship, but they do not know that they must pass through the mage and ask the Buddha to attach themselves to this picture. Because it is said that bad suffocation, demon demon and may be attached to the body of the Buddha, destroying the luck of those who worship.

5, potted plants

There are many potted plants that turn around and bring good luck. Money bamboo, malabar, orchid, etc. are the top names that everyone loves. When these potted plants that symbolize auspiciousness are thankful and the leaves are dry, they must be replaced immediately to continue to gather gas.

6, wind chimes

The sound of the wind chimes is crisp and loud, and the shape is cute, which attracts many people. Wind-water wind chimes are tools for making shovel, especially for hanging at the entrance to the gate. But never hang in the children's study or master bedroom, because the sound of the wind chimes will make people feel upset.

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