Many MM have such doubts, can oil skin care? After all, the skin will actively secrete oil, will it be more greasy? Even clog the pores, increase the acne, and make your face shine? ... In fact, the opposite is true. In the dry climate of spring, only "oil" can solve the problem of the skin, whether it is dry or moisturizing, it is all right.


First, the effect

People with oily skin are easy to superstitious oilfree. In fact, the love of oil on the face is the result of the lack of essential oil and moisture. We often make a mistake, use a moisturizing spray on the skin, but the water can not solve the problem of dryness. The skin is characterized by lipophilic and hydrophobic. The oil can protect the skin and solve the excessive oiling caused by the dryness; the dry skin is especially suitable for maintenance with oil. After applying the moisturizing cream, press a layer of facial oil to prevent the water that has been replenished from evaporating. Leaves skin moisturized & radiant

Material selection

Second, the selection of materials

There are two types of oils that are used as cosmetic raw materials - vegetable oils and mineral oils (animal oils tend to coagulate and clog pores and are rarely used). The closest to the skin's natural sebaceous molecular structure is the vegetable oil, which has the strongest affinity with the skin and does not clog the pores. Instead, it removes the dead skin and angle plugs deposited in the pores. Europe has long used the history of vegetable oil skin care. Jojoba seed oil, olive oil and green tea seed oil are all natural moisturizers; argan oil and coconut oil are also famous for their antibacterial and calming effects. Mineral oils, which are more likely to clog pores due to larger particles, are often used as body emollients or facial cleansers rather than facial oils.

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