Rab New Infinity Sleeping Bag

Rab had a “new move” in the spring of 2012. In order to let the friends of the green wilderness look forward quickly, here is a new sleeping bag from Rab's spring. Rab's design on this new equipment has two main points that we should expect. First, the new top Infinity series sleeping bag is an ultra-lightweight down sleeping bag. It uses Pertex Quantum GL fabric and the best Rab down filling. Second, Genesis, an eco-friendly synthetic material, uses 99% recyclable ingredients to further enhance environmental performance. At the same time, their price naturally increases as performance increases.

Rab Spring New Infinity Series

New Infinity Series Bags Detailed Analysis of New Infinity Series Sleeping Bags

Rab's new Infinity sleeping bag has two regular bags and a simple "top bag." Rab's design makes this sleeping bag an ultra-thin, ultra-concentrated model. The Pertex Quantum GL and 10 denier textile densities ensure the weight of the fabric is only 24g/m2 and a unique translucent silver design.

The inside of the sleeping bag is made of 850+ sleeping bag fluffy Eastern European Goose feather down, Rab said this is the best down they have ever used. Silver light color fabric can also provide you with better comfort.

Rab Spring New Infinity Sleeping Bag Display

Rab Spring New Infinity Sleeping Bag Detail Show

For the first time, Rab used a vertical trapezoidal partition design. This slick technique is called Insotect Flow. Ultra lightweight fabrics “gates” are used in the partitions to prevent the inside of the sleeping bags from generating a leakage point due to down flow. The zipper is a semi-long design that reduces overall weight. The PrimaLoft support used by Rab to fill the partitions is even more significant in some ways.

The details of Rab's new Infinity sleeping bags are more than adequate to reflect its high quality and refined design. Now you have two complete sleeping bags for Inanimates, Infinity 300 and Infinity 500. Their total weight is divided into 665g and 874g, and their difference is in their filling capacity. The Infinity 300 has a comfort level of 3 恒温C and limits the comfort level to -2 ̊C and the limit level (which means only the life temperature) to -18 ̊C. The corresponding data for Infinity 500 and 300 are -2 ̊C, -9 ̊C and -27 ̊C.

Rab's new sleeping bag Infinity 300 and Infinity 500

  • Made from  ABS+PC, made to absorb impact by flexing while under stress then popping back to its original shape, eliminating dents and dings while protecting its contents.
  • Lightweight hard-shell with a beautiful brushed texture.
  • The fully-lined interior has cross-straps, a privacy curtain with its own zippered organizational pockets. 
  • Push-button multi-stage locking telescopic handle system
  • Retractable top and side grab handles.
  • 4-Wheel 360 Multi-directional Spinner Wheels makes maneuvering cases easier. It`s harder to flip, drag or lose the balance on heavy bags.
  • Fully lined compartments with tie down straps and zippered compartments

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