In the sensitive season, skin care products should also be updated. At present, the economic downturn, the pockets, how to save money to save face? Today, we recommend 3 sets of high-quality skin care collections with good reputation. The oil skin, mixed skin and dry skin MM are all taken care of, and the total price of each set is less than 500 yuan. Come and check it out.

First, oil skin MM: set a total of 457 yuan

The skin care focus of the oil skin MM in the spring should be placed on the skin to control the oil and clean the pores, so we recommend a series of oil-free items with strong cleaning ability.

Neutrogena deep cleansing vitality cleansing mousse

1, Neutrogena / Neutrogena deep purification vitality cleansing mousse reference price: 89 yuan

Neutrogena Deep Purifying Vitality Cleansing Mousse contains rich and delicate foam that directly penetrates the pores to clean the dirt and make the skin more translucent. The unique vital ingredients help to awaken your skin, giving you fresh, clean and translucent vitality, and evoking skin transparency. !

Vichy Spring's Pure Purifying Toner

2, Vichy / Vichy spring net clear toner reference price: 148 yuan

Vichy Spring's cleansing toner is suitable for any skin type. For the first time, the cell respiratory activating factor, Coenzyme Q, is added to completely remove harmful substances caused by environmental pollution, allowing the skin to breathe freely, retaining good tissue materials, and complete spring water care.

Watson's Natural Collagen Nourish Eye Drop Essence

3, Watsons / Watsons natural collagen nourishing eye bead essence reference price: 52 yuan

Watson's Natural Collagen Nourishing Eye Beads Essence has a unique beading design for delicate skin. When used, the bead can have a light massage effect on the skin and promote the absorption of the essence. Specially added plant hyaluronic acid WSK moisturizing ingredients, combined with trehalose nourishing ingredients, after use, the eye skin is watery, bright and more attractive. Move the ball to the eye area and move it back and forth until the essence is completely absorbed.

Eucerin Water Balance Cleansing Moisturizer

4, Eucerin / Eucerin water balance clear moisturizing cream reference price: 168 yuan

Eucerin Water Balance Cleansing Cream is a unique isomerized sugar formula that quickly replenishes moisture and effectively reduces keratin water loss. Long-lasting moisturizing lasts up to 24 hours. A refreshing, oil-free formula that does not clog pores, leaving skin feeling smooth and non-greasy. It can be used as a base for moisturizing the skin before makeup, or as a moisturizing mask. A very mild formula that does not contain flavors, alcohol or pigments.

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